Custom Solutions for Motor Control

The enterprise SEMATEC GmbH develops custom-made motor control systems for several years. The requirements of our costumers are manifold - from low-cost solutions up to high performance designs. The enterprise is specialized on applications, where the complete unit, consisting of control and power device is fasten directly on engine.
Our Know-How on this special field contains different concepts of control systems such as vector control, U~f control, 2 und 4 quadrant operation, control with position sensors and sensorless.


Automotive Applications Experiences

We develop:

  • for different types of electrical engines, e.g.:
    • rotary field asynchronous machines
    • direct current machines (with brushs or brushless)
    • stepper motors
  • different concepts of control
  • use of special microcontrollers and digital signal processors:
    • Siemens C16x
    • Analog Devices ADMC3xx
    • Texas Instruments TMS320F24xx
  • Extensions and options:
    • Protection and security functions
    • Communication interfaces (e.g. CAN)
    • Extended automotive temperature range:  -40C .. +125C


  • Electrically powered hydraulic supplies (e.g. servo-assisted steering)

  • Drive assembly for wheelchairs

  • Lift and drive engine for industrial trucks (e.g. fork lift trucks)

  • Boats: winches (e.g. anchor) or auxiliary engines


SEMATEC System Engineering & Marine Technology GmbH

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