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Signal Processing

  • analysis of stationary and nonstationary signals, e.g. time-frequency-analysis
  • digital signal processing in time and frequency domain, e.g. matched filtering, correlation methods

System Design and Construction of Prototypes

  • systems with high speed microprocessor architecture by using digital signalprocessors (Motorola, TI) and microcontrollers (Zilog, Intel)
  • using complex Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA) for controlling apparatus, e.g. digital controlling a transmitter array to swing the sound beam
  • peripheral components for digital signal processors, e.g. analog to digital converters

Development of Analogue Hardware

  • receiver with gain and frequency control
  • phase shifter array for the two-dimensional beam swinging while receiving acoustical waves
  • high power puls transmitter with peak performance of 2 kW

Programming Technics

  • high level languages (C/C++, Pascal) under DOS, Windows 3.11 and Windows95 / WindowsNT
  • low level languages for microcontrollers (Zilog, Intel) and digital signalprocessors (Motorola, Texas Instruments, Analog Devices)


  • methods of acoustical detection of sedimentary layers
  • linear and nonlinear (parametric) acoustic
  • possibilities and methods of beam forming and beam swinging


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