Technologies for Different Requirements

    Glas Fibre Base Material
    • simple and cost-effective solution
    • glas fibre base material with high temperature resistance
    • direct mounting of power circuits on case
    • cooling of power component by case

    Ceramic Base Material
    • use of ceramic base material (Al2O3, AlN)
    • direct placement of circuits on the base material
    • very good heat transportation by base material
    • additional improvement of heat removal by direct placement and bonding of dies on base material - reduction of thermal resistance because chip case is absent
    • bonding of dies allows closely placement
    DBC Hybrid
    • high current-carrying capacity, on the picture >100A by circuit board dimensions of 58 x 67 mm for a 3 phase power amplifier
    Thick Film Hybrid
    • additional reduction of dimension by printed resistors
    • lower current-carrying capacity in comparison to DBC hybrid technology 

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