S.Module2 BF533 (product preview)

The S.Module2 BF533 is a complete high performance signal processing system with Analog Devices ADSP-BF533.
The ADSP-BF533 is a 16-bit fixed-point processor  with a peak performance up to 1066 MMACs at 533 MHz core frequency. 
The large on-chip RAM of 148k words is sufficient for the most of applications. Additional the board contains a 16M x 16-bit on-board SDRAM extension.
4M x 16-bit on-board Flash Memory can be used for non-volatile storage of boot loader program, custom programs, parameters, look-up tables and data. 
The Parallel Peripheral Interface (PPI) of the ADSP-BF533 is available on connectors. For communication tasks the module is equipped with various interfaces like USB 2.0, UART/RS232, isolated RS485, I2C and SPI.
Data aquisition and signal processing will be supported by a 4x 14-bit A/D converter and a 4x 12-bit D/A converter.
The S.Module2 BF533 comes with compatible mechanic and pinout to the D.Module2 processor board series, easy to expanded with different existing peripheral devices for data acquisition/data output and easy to integrate in custom designs.

Data Sheet (PDF)

  • Analog Devices ADSP-BF53 16 bit Fixed-Point DSP
    • 2x 16-bit MACs, 2x 40-bit ALUs, 4x 8-bit Video ALUs, 40-bit Shifter
    • 533 MHz, peak performance 1066 MMACs
    • 148k x 16-bit on-chip RAM
    • on-chip instruction/data cache controller
    • 12 channel DMA
    • on-chip PLL
    • 1 x Parallel Peripheral Interface (PPI) with ITU-R 656 Video Data Format support
    • 1 x asynchronous serial interface (UART-Port)
    • 2 x synchronous serial interface (SPORT) each with 2 channels
    • 3 x timer
    • RTC, Watchdog
    • JTAG debugger support
  • On-board Memory Extension
    • 4M x 16-bit Flash Memory
    • 16M x 16-bit SDRAM
  • USB 2.0 High-Speed Controller
  • UART
    • RS232 line drivers
    • RTS/CTS handshake lines (within On-Board Logic)
  • I2C-Master/Slave within On-Board Logik
  • 32 General Purpose I/Os programmable via On-Board Logik
  • isolated RS485-Interface
  • 4 x Interrupt Lines
  • External Bus Interface
    • 24 data and 18 address lines, chip select line, read and write line
    • miniBus
  • Power Supply
    • 3.3 V single supply

    • all other voltages are generated on board and are controlled by supervisory ICs

  • industrial temperature range (-25 .. +85C)
  • On-board BIOS - supports the otware development and programming of
    • USB, UART and Communication
    • Flash Memory
    • initial configuration of S.Module2 BF533
  • Set-up Utility - supports
    • upload of programs and parameters into the Flash Speicher
    • read from memory
    • write to memory
    • program execution

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