ADS12-300 / ADS12-300-LV

The ADS12-300 module provides up to four identical, independent analog input channels. Every channel has a differential ended input, a 4-pole lowpass filter and a 12-bit analog to digital converter with up to 300 kHz sampling rate. Programmable logic takes control of the four channels, e.g. adjust of cutoff frequency of the Butterworth filters, the sampling frequency, interrupt sharing, adjust of the trigger source or synchronous/asynchronous operation mode of the channels.
The ADS12-300 provides also two 12 bit digital-to-analog converters with an output voltage range between -2.5 V and +2.5 V. The module is interfaced to a DSP via the miniBus. Two or more module can work parallel without problems.
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Analog Specifications

Inputs: 4 differential ended analog inputs
Input voltage range: 10 V
(optional 5 V, 2.5 V via solder jumper)
Input impedance: 35 kOhm
Cuttoff frequencies: 1 kHz - 150 kHz
Outputs: 2 single ended outputs
Output voltage range: 2.5 V
Output current: max. 20 mA
Power supply +5 V (5%) / typ. 90 mA
-5 V (5%) / typ. 60 mA

Digital Specifications

Number of A/D converters: 4 (one ADC for each channel)
Converter resolution 12 bit
Sampling rate: 305 Hz - 300 kHz if internal clock is in use, programmable for each channel in steps
0 Hz - 300 kHz if external clock is in use
Extern signals: Extern sample clock for each channel
Extern synchron. signal for each channel
Interrupt generation: Conversion ready signal of each channel
Interrupt destination: IRQA, IRQB of miniBus
Interface: miniBus
Addressing: Module address via solder jumpers (8 different module addresses are possible)
Module uses 5 consecutive addresses
Power supply ADS12-300: +5 V (5%), typ. 50 mA
Power supply ADS12-300-LV: +3,3V (5%), typ. 40 mA

Special Order / Options

- 4 x 1024 Sample FIFOs
- components in industrial temperature range
- function libraries 
(Motorola DSP56xxx, Texas Instruments TMS320C3x/C6xxx, Analog Devices ADSP-21xxx)

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